The Eze Village is an authentic place to visit in the vicinity of Monaco
See the narrow cobbled streets an the breathtaking view

Visite du village medieval de Eze  Eze Village

View of the Medieval village of Eze - Place to see in the vicinity of Monaco

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Eze medieval Village

Magic place in the azure, the fortified rock village of Eze is one of the most beautiful place to visit in the vicinity of Monaco. The atmosphere is authentic and Eze has kept the tradition even now that it has become an international touristic site. The village forms a circular pattern around the base of a 12th century castle - The view from the hill top village is breathtaking. Eze-sur-Mer is on the main train line between Nice and Monaco - An hour walk is necessary to join the top of the hill. For those who prefer not to walk, there are regular shuttles between Eze-plage and Eze-village from mid May to mid September. The place is very popular and therefore we suggest you to visit early morning or for sunset - If you plan to stay in the village we recommend the Terrasses d'Eze Hotel.

Phone of the Tourist Office : +33 (0)4 9341 2600  Official site : Eze Village

Eze Medieval Village - Place to visit

Terrasses Eze Village Hotel

Place to stay in Eze Village : Terrasses Eze Hotel

The Eze Terrasses (terrace) hotel offers you a splendid sight on the Mediterranean. Decorated in a contemporary way, all the 81 rooms have a panoramic sea view terrace. Terrasses Eze Village Hotel

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Visit Eze Medieval Village - Place to see

More about Eze Village : Its the typical example of a fortified Provencal village - History : The oldest places of inhabitants on the communeof Eze go back to the neolithic era towards 2000 BC on the Mount Bastide. At the iron age, the celto-ligurians population who lived in this area erected many castellaras along the coast. These constructions were built with dry blocks of stone and were generally heighly located. From 1388, Eze belongs to the House of Savoy. Consequently its destiny will be related to the policy of this small kingdom often opposed to France. Conscious of the strategic interest of the County of Nice, their only maritime opening, the counts of Savoy improve the fortifications of Eze and protect the city with a double strengthened door, "Postern". They make also many modifications to the Castle built during the XII th century, to adapt it to the progress of artillery. This building always concerned the higher authority of Provence or Savoy. Between the french revolution and the end of the Ist empire the commune was annexed by France before returning under the House of Savoy. It is in 1860, after the unanimous vote of the Ezasques on the15th and 16th of April 1860 that the County of Nice including Eze became definitely french. For more about Eze Village history please refer to the Tourist Office website